Do the watches run? 

The watches are fabulously untested. I simply source, disinfect, shine, then package them up for our duchess’. All this to say, most of the watches are NOT running and have not been tested with a new battery, They are simply to make you look fabulous. ✨


Where do the watches come from?

These watches are sourced in the USA, Japan, and Europe. Owned by a duchess before you, you’ll definitely feel the love and royalty on each piece. 


My watch never arrived? 

 In order to protect you and me, I will upload the tracking number of your package as soon as it’s shipped. Sometimes packages are lost or delivered to the incorrect address, please contact the mail carrier for any delays once the product is shipped. I am not liable for any lost or damaged packages once I have shipped your piece 


I want a refund. 

These are vintage items that are in high demand so no refunds will be granted after purchase 🤍


Do you size watches? 

I do not personally size watches but a local jeweler or watch shop will be happy to size it. Most do it for free 


If you have any other questions please contact and ask me before purchasing! You are able to reach me on IG, TIKTOK, and the Contact me page directly on the website.🤍